A Legendary Doctor

     Dr. Kate's medical career in Woodruff began in 1940 until her death. Her legacy consisted of delivering about 4,000 babies for a population of about 7,000 people.  To do this she would sometimes have to drive up to 100 miles a day.  People around the Northwoods had tended not to have a lot of extra money lying around.  To help the patients in need Dr. Kate had never sent bills to any of her patients, but she had happily accepted her pay in vegetables,  fire wood, and homemade crafts.    
    Things have not always gone perfectly for Kate.  After the death of Kate's first child she had quit her medical practice because Kate felt as though doctors had done this to her, and she did not want to feel responsible for another woman's loss.  Kate did not give up her career permanently however, Dr. Torpy had convinced her to return to her profession because of the extremely low number of local doctors.
    Another important part of Kate's life was being crowned Woodruff's Health Officer.  She had provided her community with a better school building, a new church, knowledge of health care in local summer camps, fresher and cleaner milk, and finally she faught against water pollution.
    Even when Kate's hospital had been constructed she continued to work at her old office until noon and would then drive to her newly opened hospital.  Kate was loved because of her lasting legacy of always putting her patients needs before anything else in her life.