Dr. Kate's childhood is a depressing tale of a dead mother, a neglectful father, and a lonely and grieving child.    

    As a child Kate had always wanted a little sibling.  One day God had answered her prayers.  Kate's mother, Kate, had become pregnant, but when the delivery came time to happen things started to get complicated.  Kate and the child had both died due to complications during childbirth.  Once Kate's mother had died, her father, Tom, had became depressed and had started to ignore Kate completely.  Kate also took these two tragic deaths hard as well, but the way she had dealt with them differed from her father's method she simply refused to eat.  Luckily Kate's grandparents were there for Kate through this depressing time.

    Kate's grandparents did as much as humanly possible to help Kate in her time of need.  After the news had spread Tom's parents, Kate's grandparents, had moved from Brighton, Illinois to Leoti to help look after Kate.  Emily, Kate's grandmother had come up with many different ways to try and distract Kate from reality.

    As Kate grew older her father began to look for a new wife and the search had ended when Tom came upon a women named Nona.  Tom and Nona stopped at five children.  After the first child, Tom, was born the family had moved to Buffalo.  Nona was not an appropriate mother so Kate had to play the part of Mom to six young children including herself.