Important Dates

July 26, 1885- Kate was born in Wellington, Kansas
January 26, 1887- Kate's grandmother dies
December 7, 1887- Kate's mother dies

1904- graduates high school in Buffalo, New York

1905- completes teacher training in Buffalo

1906- starts to teach the 5th and 6th grade

1917- graduates from the University of Buffalo Medical

1917- Begins her internship at a womens hospital

1921- Marries Bill in Detroit, Michigan

1931- Begins her practice in the north woods of Wisconsin

1941- Opens her own office in Woodruff, Wisconsin

1949- Hospital Association forms a plan to build a hospital

1952- Cornerstone for the hospital is set

May 30, 1953- 1st Penny Parade begins

March 17,1954- Date Newcomb stars on the Ralph Edwards Show
May 1954- 2nd Penny Parade begins
1954- Lakeland Memorial Hospital opens

1955- addition is built onto the hospital

1956- Biography on Dr. Kate Newcomb is published

May 30, 1956- Kate Newcomb dies