A Tribute to "Dr. Kate"

"In the far whiteness of the north
Is a woman who is so fine and great
She is none other than our dear

"Dr. Kate."

In her early years of practice
She did embrace the cold, cold north,
And without hesitancy, did venture
Cold or warm weather did not make
any difference

Snowstorms, thunderstorms, or any

other storm

Wouldn't stop Dr. Kate to go to you

whatever its form.

It made no difference to her

Whether people were poor or rich,

Or where she might land--even if it

was close to a ditch.

She was sent from heaven, duty


She tended to the sick and ailing,
Never in her various duties--failing.
"A hospital is what we need,"
Says our Dr. Kate, so fine,
And works to get it--all in line.
The hospital is started, but--

Not enough funds to finish it--so

Unexpectedly our Dr. Kate is on


What a surprise for this woman so  


She traveled to places in a plane so


And when she returned, came back

in a new red car.

Fame and fortune--
People--friends, relatives, and such,
For her from the east, west, north,
and south,
Could not do too much.
How happy we are for you
Oh, Dr. Kate, with all your goodness
and your kindness,
All that stands for you with your 
kindness and your fineness.
Good luck to you in your endeavors

May your future be a little easier to
And may you have more relaxation
and enjoyment near you lake."
                                                 -By Eliz. Staszak, 
     Star Lake, Wisc.