"All had a share in the beauty-
All had a part in the plan;
What does it matter what duty
Falls to the lot of man?"

                                                     - Author Unknown

Million Penny Parade

We got pennies from far and wide
Even from across the ocean tide.
In making the Parade a success the students worked hard
In keeping books, and filing cards
In counting pennies, in writing letters.
They all put their efforts together
The Million Penny Parade had a lot of advertising
which to some people was surprising.
We have reached our million mark
Which seemed a long way from the start
We want to jive thanks
To people who gave donations.
From all over the far spread nations.

                                                            - Author Nancy Palecek

But whether in pink or whether in blue
They found her the sweetest and best,
They tried and they tried
For a year to decide,
But as yet they had never quite guessed.

                                                        - Rhyme taught to Kate by her mother

"They said that every Christmas night
The Christ child came to walk below,
And so we set a candlelight
To guide his footsteps through the snow,
And there behind the window glass
We sat and watched to see Him pass.

Our candle shone so clear and red
We thought the Christ would see it thus
And maybe the night turn His head
And smile a tender smile at us.
But drifted snow piled high and while
And almost hid our little light.

And then, within the candle's arc
There came a vision clear of things
That shine beyond the deepest dark.
We saw it's sharing life that brings
Christ close within our candle's glow.
He smiles at us through friends we know."

                                              -Traditional Christmas poem that Tommy would read

Dr. Kate's Babies

Tune for verses: Man on the Flying Trapeze

In a dear little town on a lovely lake,
Was a wonderful person, our own Dr. Kate.
Through snow storms and ice or sunshine or rain,
Whenever she was needed she always came.

Now here we stand, here babies all grown,
With memories of her as our own
So look us all over and give a big hand,
For the job that she did in our loved Northland.

Chorus: (tune Happy Happy Birthday from the WERI.
radio station Eagle River, Birthday Club 7:45 a.m.) (95
on your radio dial).

So come, come, come, look us over,
Now as here we stand.
The grown up babe's of Dr. Kate,
In our dear fair Northland.


An Angel on Snowshoes, so willing to serve,
With a heart of pure gold and plenty of nerve.
Dr. Kate's babies of two thousand strong,
She brought in this world through the years so long


So come, come, come look us over,
Now as here we stand.
The grown up babe's of Dr. Kate,
In our dear fair Northland.

                                                       - Author Ruby C. Haynie

"There's scarcely a family in these back woods
Has any amount of worldly goods
But Doc, she treats 'em all the same
Keeps a comin' till they're up again,
 And gets her pay, when not in cash,
In green cord wood and garden trash."

                                                       - Local Newspaper