The Hospital

     Dr. Kate's hospital took five long winters to become a reality, but with the help of donators, volunteers, and the students and teachers at the Arbor Vitae High School it eventually became a reality.

    Dr. Kate started at a rocky start.  When she first started towards her idea of a hospital she only had $3,000 to start off with.  With the help of many different money raising ideas such as dances, basketball games, and spaghetti dinners Kate eventually got more funds for her hospital.  By spring of 1952 the hospital had collected $50,000.  Which meant that by October they had enough money that they could build the shell of the hospital, but that is where the funds had run out.     

    Another huge money contribution came from Dr. Kate's appearance on the Ralph Edwards show.  Also in 1954 the Lions Club was selling sheets of 1000 stamps for $1 and soon moved to selling postcards as well.  All to help the beloved doctor.     

    Three cheers for Dr. Kate and the people of the Woodruff area.  All of the communities hard work had paid off.  The official dedication day of the Howard Young Medical Center was on Wednesday, July 21, 1954.