Comandini, Adele. Doctor Kate, Angel on Snowshoes. N.p.: Rinehart & Company, Inc., 1956.

 This source was my main source of information.  It had many useful facts for my website. This source is considered to be primary because Adele Comandini has actually met Dr. Kate Newcomb.

Maisel, Albert Q. Journey’s into America. N.p.: n.p., 1956, 1961, & 1965.

 This source provided me with the information that others wanted you to learn about Dr. Kate Newcomb.  It shared the opinions of what others thought about Dr. Kate Newcomb and her lasting impact. This source is considered to be primary because it was created at the time of Dr. Kate’s life.

“A Million Pennies for Dr. Kate.” Reader’s Digest June 1954: 9-13.

 This source has given me general information about Dr. Kate Newcomb’s goal.  Her main goal was to help all of those in need.  This article is considered to be primary because the people responsible for creating this article were they’re experiencing the actions.

Mosby, Wade. “’Dr. Kate’ to Get TV Test.” Journal Show Business 30 July 1961: 1.

 This source provided me with information about Dr. Kate’s TV show that I had never known before.  Many people came to support Dr. Kate Newcomb while she was on the show.  This article is considered to be a primary source because the article is about the show that Dr. Kate stared in so they had to come in contact with her to produce the show.

 Nangle, Eleanor. “North Country Doctor.” Chicago Daily Tribune (1872-1963) 23 Jan. 1955: K42-K44.

 This source gave me a ton of different picture. I also obtained information on Dr. Kate’s life while being a doctor in Woodruff, Wisconsin.  This newspaper article is primary because the author was living during the time frame of Dr. Kate Newcomb’s actions.

“This is Your Life, Dr. Kate Newcomb.” This is Your Life, Dr. Kate Newcomb. ABC. Spring-Summer 1954.

 This source made it possible for me to see exactly what was happening during the penny Parade.  I obtained a detailed picture of the penny monument.  This article is a primary source because it was made during the time of Dr. Kate’s television appearance and to make the show possible they would have had to be in some sort of contact with her or witness the show itself.


Busalacchi, Steve. “This is your life, Dr. Kate Newcomb.” Spring 2005 Wisconsin Academy Review Spring 2005: 54-55.

 This source provided me with information about the Ralph Edwards show.  It gave detailed information about how she got there.  I also learned about all of the different people that knew and cared for her.

Dr. Kate Newcomb Museum. 1,000,000 Penny Parade. Woodruff, Wisconsin: n.p., n.d.

 This source gave me information on the actual Penny Parade.  I learned that the penny parade was a huge event that they still celebrate today.  Although it is a one day event, this source told me that the leading up to event took years.

 Elizabeth McBride. “Dauntless Doctor.” Wisconsin Trails Mar.-Apr. 2000: 60.

 This source provided me with the most common Dr. Kate picture.  The article had a few specifics that I had not heard before.  Part of the article was not about Dr. Kate, but about other women doctors.

Heide, Kathryn H. Shapers of Wisconsin. Kanosha, Wisconsin: Brookwood Publishers, 1998.

 This source had a wonderful picture of Dr. Kate Newcomb it was very useful.  This book told the stories of people that came both before and after Dr. Kate Newcomb’s time that helped in similar ways.  I found out that many different people could influence others.

Hintz, Martin. “Only in Wisconsin: World’s largest penny and maybe Elizabeth Taylor; [FIVE STAR SPORTS FINAL EDITION].” Chicago Sun Times 1 May 1998: 4.

 This source gave me much information on why the world’s largest penny is located in Woodruff, Wisconsin.  This source also provided me with a very clear picture of the penny itself.  I gained the knowledge of the measurements of the penny as well.

Kasparek, Jon. Wisconsin History Highlights Delving into the past. Madison, Wisconsin: Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 2004.

 This source gave me information about the harsh winters that Dr. Kate traveled through to reach her patients.  Though the weather conditions were bad Dr. Kate Newcomb did not mind in the least.  She was a woman that cared for all sorts of patients.

Kovach, Vesna Vuynovich. “Dr. Kate a True Pioneer.” Dr. Kate a True Pioneer.  10 Jan. 2009 <>.

 This source gave me a new picture of Dr. Kate Newcomb that I have not seen before.  This website gave information on Dr. Kate Newcomb’s early life most of all.  Also I got useful information about the area that Dr. Kate Newcomb lived in.

McCann, Dennis. “DENNIS MCCANN; World’s largest has a home somewhere; [Final Edition].” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 15 Jan. 2006: H1.

 This source provided me with information on the famous Penny Parade of 1954.  The penny parade only lasts one day.  The Penny Parade, I learned, was so effective that they still continue the tradition today.

 “Dr. Kate’s parade marches on; [All Edition].” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 9 Mar. 2003: 1H.

 This source was useful for information on Kate Newcomb’s life before she became a doctor.  Dr. Kate Newcomb did not grow up in the best conditions.  With her mother dead, I learned, she had much trauma to go through throughout her lifetime.

The Wisconsin Story, 150 stories/ 150 years. N.p.: Burton & Mayer Inc., n.d.

 This source gave me a great picture of the many happenings of the Penny Parade.  This source told me the set goals that the Penny Parade had in mind.  I learned that it did not take long to achieve this goal as soon as the High School had stepped in.

Pond, Alonzo W. Dr. Kate and the Million Penny Parades. Minocqua, Wisconsin: Ahlborn Printing, 1974.

 This source provided me with many great pictures. A lot of information on the Penny Parade was given to me by this source.  The Penny Parade had many different phases to go through before the final product finally came about.

Dr. Kate and the Million Penny Parades. Minocqua, Wisconsin: Ahlborn Printing, 1974.

 This source provided me with a lot of pictures that are going to be in my website.  I also learned a lot about all of the work that went into the Penny Parade.  I found out that local volunteers did much of the work.

State Historical Society of Wisconsin. Wisconsin Women Badger History Volume XXXIII September. Madison, Wisconsin: State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1979.

 This source gave me a useful poem about how kind Dr. Kate truly was.  Her kindness also rubbed off on the people of Woodruff.  Many of the people around Woodruff either donated their time or money to Dr. Kate Newcomb’s cause.

TIME 11 June 1956: 1-2.

 This source provided information regarding Dr. Kate Newcomb’s death.  Many sources say different date on her actual time of death.  This source cleared it up because it was her actual obituary.

Timmens, Cy. Dr. Kate Museum. Woodruff, Wisconsin: Dr. Kate Museum, 2007.

 This source provided me with necessary information on one of the legacies that Dr. Kate Newcomb left, the Dr. Kate Museum.  The museum is now used for locals to learn about their hometown.  The museum is also a great place for tourists to learn about the history behind Woodruff.

Wojahn, Rebecca Hogue. Field Trip: Dr. Kate Museum in Woodruff, Wisconsin.  1 Dec. 2008 <>.

 This source provided me with both great pictures and interesting information on the Dr. Kate Museum.  The museum is used as a resource for history projects.  Dr. Kate’s museum is also used locally for the people of the Woodruff area to learn about their hometown.

 “Thanks a Million, Dr. Kate.” Thanks a Million, Dr. Kate.  1 Dec. 2008 <>.

 This source provided me with a picture that I ended up using in my website design.  I also got the contact information of someone that knew Dr. Kate Newcomb from this website.  I also learned that there is a work in progress that will be coming out in the form of a book in January/February.

Women’s Auxiliary State Historical Society of Wisconsin. Famous Wisconsin Women. Madison, Wisconsin: Women’s Auxiliary State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1971.

 This source provided me with much needed information of what Dr. Kate accomplished while she was a doctor.  While she practiced medicine she would always put her patients first.  To reach her patients, I learned, she would brave horrible roads or dangerously cold weather.

World’s Largest Things. “World’s Largest Penny.” World’s Largest Penny. ERNCO Value.  1 Dec. 2008 <>.

 This source gave me a picture of the world’s largest penny and information about the penny.  I learned about all of the different thought a bout the Penny Parade.  I also read about why the locals felt that it was their duty to help Dr. Kate Newcomb.