"This do- whenever you enter a sickroom, enter with a prayer on your lips."       

                                                                                    -Dr. DeLancey Rochester

     " There's a sick woman up near you.  Take your bag and go help her."  commanded Dr. Torpy.                
     "I've told you I've given up medicine. I'm a housewife."  said Kate Newcomb.  "Anyway I have no license to practice in Wisconsin."
     "License be damned!"  No trained physician has any right to play housewife at a time like this.  That woman will die if you don't get to her!  Dig out your blankety-blank medical bag and get over there!  And by the way, don't put that bag away when you get back.  From now on you're taking all the calls on your end of the country, understand?"

                                                                                    - Dr. Torpy and Dr. Kate 

     "If you would stop thinking about the money and begin to have a little more faith, you would find that much more would be accomplished."

                                                                                                 -Pastor Radford