The Penny Parade

     The Penny Parade of 1953 was a fund raiser that started in the Woodruff area that spread across the world.  Dr. Kate Newcomb had a dream of a local hospital for the townspeople of Woodruff.  Woodruff needed a hospital because whenever someone would become ill Dr. Kate Newcomb was required to drive all over Wisconsin to reach her patients, which sometimes totaled up to over 100 miles of driving.  Funds were the only thing holding Dr. Kate back.  The Woodruff area just did not have the amount of money needed to build this hospital, but that did not stop Dr. Kate from pursuing her dream of a new hospital.                  Dr. Kate's funds really started rolling in when a brilliant idea came out of the mouth of a child, from Arbor Vitae High School.  Mr. Otto Burich, a Geometry teacher, was teaching a lesson about a million of something, but he couldn't seem to think of an example.  Then, one child said how about one million pennies.  That is how it all started from there on the class was discussing what one million pennies would look like, how much money it would be, and how long it would take to raise one million pennies.  They decided to find out.  The only question was what would they do with all of the raised money.  One child suggested donating towards Dr. Kate's Hospital.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Not just the Geometry class was involved.  The whole school came together for this project.  English classes held a competition to see who could write the most professional letter to ask for donations and the Social Studies classes mapped and charted all of the donations.            All of their hard work had payed off and by April they had gone above and beyond their goal.  It had only taken them 104 school days to raise the money plus an extra 100,000 pennies.  These statistics averaged out to about $115 per school day.